Recent and Forthcoming Keynote Addresses

“First Modern Finance Conference, Warsaw, September 2024

“Institutions in Theory and Practice” Conference, Torun, September 2022

“The Finance Symposium 2022, Crete, July 2022

“People Displacement” Conference, Kassel, October 2019

Workshop on “Urban and Regional Economics and Policies, Corsica, May 2018

Third Wroclaw Conference in Finance, Wroclaw, September 2017

Conference of the Romanian Network for Migration Studies, Cluj-Napoca, September 2017

The Migration Conference, Athens, August 2017

Conference on “Rural Labor in Transition: Structural Change, Migration and Governance, Halle, June 2016

Conference on “Intra-Asian Connections: Interactions, Flows, Landscapes, Copenhagen, October 2014

“Development Week, Pamplona, June 2014

Conference on “Public Economics and Inequality, Berlin, June 2014

Warsaw International Economic Meeting, Warsaw, July 2013

“Development Week, Pamplona, June 2013

Conference on “International Economics, Granada, June 2012

International Conference on “Inequalities and Development: New Challenges, New Measurements,Bordeaux, June 2012

Conference on “Resources, Capital or Personnel? Perspectives on Wellbeing at Work, London, September 2011

International Conference on “Economic Challenges for the CEE Countries, Wroclaw, September 2011

International Conference on “Economies of Central and Eastern Europe: Convergence, Opportunities and Challenges, Tallinn, June 2011

International Workshop on Regional Competitiveness and International Factor Movements, Orléans, March 2011

Fourth Annual Research Conference of the Austrian Centre of International Economics, Vienna, December 2010

International Conference on “European Migration and Asylum Policies: Coherence or Contradiction?, Madrid, September 2010

Annual Meeting - Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics, Fribourg, June 2010

International Conference on “Poverty Traps: An Empirical and Theoretical Assessment,Naples, October 2009

International Conference on “Regions, Firms and Institutions in the World Economy, Warsaw, October 2009

Workshop on “Mobility in the Present: Globalization, Individuation, Reflexivity, Leipzig, September 2009

Workshop on “Public Policy, Externalities, and Growth,Graz, July 2009

Annual Meeting of the European Public Choice Society, Athens, April 2009

National Bank of Poland Conference on “Migration, Labour Market and Economic Growth in Europe after Enlargement, Warsaw, December 2008

International Conference on “Freedom and Democracy: European Perceptions, European Perspectives, Koper, December 2008

Thirteenth International Metropolis Conference “Mobility, Integration and Development in a Globalised World, Bonn, October 2008

International Conference on “European Governance of Migration, Berlin, September 2008

Workshop on Migration and Development, Institute for Economic Analysis Barcelona, July 2008

Conference on “Remittances, the Macroeconomy, and Public Policy, Atlanta, February 2008

Workshop on “Migration and Labor Market Integration, Tuebingen, November 2007

Conference on “International Mobility: Causes, Consequences and Constraints, Warsaw, October 2007

Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association, Klagenfurt, May 2007

Conference on “Reciprocity: Theory and Facts, University of Milan - Bicocca, February 2007

International Symposium on Contemporary Labor Economics, Xiamen, December 2006

International Conference on “Labor Migration - a Solution or an Obstacle for Development?, Public policy Centre, Cluj-Napoca, November 2006

International Conference on “Human and Economic Resources, Izmir University of Economics, May 2006

Conference on “Comparative Economic Analysis of Households’ Behaviour: Old and new EU Members, Warsaw, September 2005

Eighth Meeting of the Network on Inequality and Poverty, Puebla, July 2005

Conference on “Advanced Perspectives on Migration and Mobility, Bonn, September 2004

Conference on “African Migration and Urbanization in Comparative Perspective, Johannesburg, June 2003

International Conference on “The Paradoxes of Happiness in Economics, Milano, March 2003

Conference on “Labor Markets and Poverty, Johannesburg, October 2002

International Conference on “Dynamics, Economic Growth, and International Trade, Cologne, May 2002

Sixth International Metropolis Conference, Rotterdam, November 2001